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Video of Shatta Wale seriously kissing his male bodyguard pops up – WATCH

Ideally, men are supposed to lock lips with the opposite sex, therefore, it beats the imagination of critical thinking minds if two males are caught kissing.

The above-mentioned analogy has been the case of Ghana’s very own Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale and his male bodyguard called Kumordi.

Thus, in the footage that has gone viral, Shatta Wale is seen kissing while thanking Kumordi.

“I love you mhen… you kept your word,” Shatta Wale stated as he put his neck chain round Kumordi’s neck.

“God is good. I received it,” Kumordi responded because the diamond neck chain was positioned round his neck.

Afterwards, Shatta Wale planted a kiss on Kumordi mouth.

As stated in the introduction, male and female are expected to lock lips in our part of the world and not the other way round as in the case of Shatta Wale and his counterpart,

However, we don’t want to conclude on anything but leave judgment in your hands.


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