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“Carry your Passport And Necessary Documents When Traveling”, Dr. Bawumia Urges Travelers

He said dialogues about the activation of the ‘Ghana Card’, which will authorize owners to journey across about 97 borders and 44,000 airports throughout the world are still in progress.

Dr. Bawumia in a conference with PAV magazine, who declared openly late last year that the Ghana card was now an e-passport, explained: “We have made great strides with the rollout of our Ghana card.”

He pinpointed that “To date, over 85% of the adult population is registered to receive their card, and we are working hard to continue this rollout to all eligible citizens, comprising our nation’s youngsters and those who live abroad.”

He said: “To ensure global recognition of the card’s e-passport characteristic, we have joined the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), the aviation industry’s supervising body and an establishment operating under the auspices of the UN.

“In November last year, I declared that the Ghana Card’s e-passport feature would be globally acknowledged by over 195 countries by the end of the first quarter, pending conversations with the ICAO. I am pleased to note that we are on course to confront this deadline. The e-passport element will facilitate more seamless travel with neighboring countries and of course throughout the world.”

As a result, he said, “Ghana will be one of only a few countries where a national identification card also includes an e-passport, an illustration of the chances of digitization.”

“I will of course update residents on growths worrying the activation of the e-passport feature, but discussions are positive. For the time being, I urge tourists too, as always, to bring their passport and other forms of crucial documentation with them. Additionally, citizens should go on with applying for their own Ghana Card so that they can be part of this digital uprising,” he reported.

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