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Yvonne Nelson Questions Nana Addo On The Sudden Increment In Prices.

Straightforward Ghanaian actress,  Nelson Yvonne was met with shock after she took off to purchase Gas. “I went to buy gas the other day…..I couldn’t believe how much I was told to pay,” Yvonne Nelson. The gas rate in Ghana alarmed her and propelled her to ask Nana Addo the issue behind the recent fast-rising prices.

Pointing her speeches to the President, she tweeted, “@NAkufoAddo is this what you promised Ghanaians?” The actress’ statement has enticed various reactions from netizens of the ruling and opposition party.

Some of the comments made included;

@dom155rich1: “Unfortunately, energy costs are rising dashingly around the world due to outward facets (demand/supply differences, Russia/Ukraine tensions, etc). Hence, we cannot lay all the blame on govt for the tight monetary squeeze. The forces pushing up prices are outward govt control,”

@JohanMawufemor: “when did it occur to you that there are factors that are external to governments which influence the price of fuel? Do you know the rate of change in fuel prices in the country; when did the Russian/Ukraine crisis start? Whatever is happening is the judgment of God on your govt”.

This would not be the first time the Ghanaian actress is blurting at Nana Addo-led government. In ahead February, she published a tweet lashing out at the parliament when she said “believing in this government is like believing it will snow in Ghana”.

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