She Has Made 3 Men the Father of that Baby, She’s her Gold Mine – Netizen Calls Out Tracey Boakye for Using her Daughter to Make Money

Tracey Boakye is embroiled in yet another wahala, this time over the paternity of her daughter.

The actress has two children, a boy and a girl, and while the father of the boy is well-known, the father of the girl is unknown.

Tracey has kept him hidden and only admits that he supports her ostentatious lifestyle in order to care for his daughter.

She’s been referring to him as ‘Bra K’ in recent days.

Her actions appear to have enraged some people, and she has been publicly chastised as a result.

Instagram blogger ‘Aba the Great’ took Tracey to task for hiding her baby’s daddy and playing tricks on the public.

“Tracey Boakye With the little brain 🧠 …. that K you have deliberately introduced in your caption hoping to twist the previous information will not work… it’s Still O. B … every man is called K once they are born on any day of the week…

“For what is worth, do well to give your daughter an identity, it’s important, she will grow and ask questions, she is a beautiful child, she deserves to bear her Father’s name, don’t damage her for no fault of hers.

“Lucille Nhyira Boakye while we have kwaku Yahaya who bears his Father’s name and proud… I hope it is not what I am thinking, using your surname as cover up for two men not to discover who the real daddy is. sneaky link …..no peace for the wicked,” the blogger wrote.

Meanwhile, a netizen in the comments also claimed that its three men Tracey are playing against each other.

obaa_paa_sika wrote: “Is because she has made 3 men the father of that cutie baby. And put a name which she is not sure who the real father is, cause make her lose all she is getting from those men ooo. But this men paaaa🤦‍♀️ how can they be dealing with a girl like Tracy 🤷‍♀️. She is always trying to play smart when she is not🤔 sometimes I for very sorry for that little girl,”

It seems every day, there is something about Borla Bird making the news.

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