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Kofi Adomah’s Mysterious Big B0oty Wife Uncovered. (Watch)

On Twitter, a video was shared and purported to be the wife of an aged reporter and YouTuber Kofi Adomah Nwanwani.

News went viral some time ago over the anonymous marriage of Kofi Adomah. On Val’s Day, Kofi heightened the rumor when he displayed his wife in a fashionable photoshoot which her face being anonymous

It arose that he has been wedded to this woman for over 10 years unrevealed to a lot of Ghanaians. He verified this apparent in a caption he put into a post he communicated.

He posted, “She made me understand the meaning of true love. For more than 16 years, you have proven that soul mates exist. Moments with you are the only times I felt like my true self. Happy vals day my world. I love you Mrs. Miracle Adomah”.

Well going through Twitter, Aba the great, shared a video of his wife tangling sky-high to a gospel tune as she shows off her gorgeous body.

Sharing the video which has currently been erased by Aba, she captioned it;

“Our in law is soo pretty and very endowed.. 😎 akwaaba Angela .. Kofi Adomah da worse … ☺️ paparazzi don’t mind their business, that’s what we signed for so, we must do our job… But Angie, your story no bi easy ooo I will be saving it in our archives, in case of anything triggers, I fire 🔥 😂😂😂😂 On a good vibe, u are fine 😉 Good night everyone.”

The recording however was intercepted and taken hold of before it was erased, See video below:

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