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All Rich Politicians In Ghana Are Thieves Including Me – Kennedy Agyapong Confesses

Kennedy Agyapong, Member of Parliament for Assin Central, has admitted that all wealthy politicians in the nation are thieves.

Young individuals with dreams to enter politics, according to Kennedy Agyapong, must learn that only politicians who steal become rich.

In other words, politicians steal money from government coffers to improve their own lifestyles while the general public suffers.

To back up his assertions, the outspoken legislator suggested that Ghanaians look into politicians’ modest beginnings when they are campaigning and how they suddenly become affluent when they leave government.

He said: “When they are coming, their campaign, the shoes, the sneakers, all the clothes they wear, when they are going, when they become Ministers and their leaving, look at the mansions they have

When questioned if he can be considered a thief since he is a wealthy politician, Kennedy Agyapong did not leave himself off the list.

He said on the GTVBreakfast program that he is a businessman with a diversified portfolio, but the show’s presenter is free to label him a thief without offending him.

Watch the confession in the video below.

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