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Pastor And Singer Caught By A Church Member Having S3x.

Many people assume usually things go on between some Pastors and some members of their church. to this lady, she has witnessed it before and can confirm it.

In answering a post on Facebook, the lady narrated how everything went.

She said:

“Mine was about 14yrs ago when I was only 8yrs old. I went to spend vacation holidays with my godfather in Kumasi who happens to be a pastor…I was enjoying my stay there cus that was my first time there and from nowhere, a lady who happens to be a singer in my godfather’s church came over one evening.

Saana they were lovers so she decided to a sleepover. Abi me de3 mey3 akolaa nti me nim hwee. Usually, I used to sleep with my godfather nti when it was time for me to sleep I went straight to bed.

Eli media mpa nu su aa na I heard this plenty talking in my sleep so I shed open my eyes small to see what was going on and lo and behold it was the lady singer, begging my godfather to have s*x with her.

My godfather too was shy cus he knows I’m mpenyinisem so he told the lady to wait cus I’ll be going back to Accra the next day so they can make time for themselves but I guess the lady was on heat so she still insisted.

The lady came to carry me from the bed to the chair and mind you it was a single room so I saw everything. Omo, they chop themselves very well sha and the lady too was moaning out loud

I saw everything that night and I knew it was sex they were having cus I used to watch a lot of romantic movies at that age

The next day I woke up early, took my bath and parked my things then ask my godfather to take me to the station cus I want to go back to Accra was there they knew they fuck£d up big time“

We apologize for the texts but we needed to keep them authentic


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