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Hilarious As Side Chick Of Married Man Flees Through Windows After Wife Storms The Place.

Our Manifesto: Why do some ladies have to stress themselves when you specifically know the guy you’re in a relationship with is a married man. What do you think? Drop your comments below…

— Wife tried to confirm marriage infidelity rumors

— Lady jumps window through after wife of a married man stormed the house.

A young lady speculated to be the paramour (side chick) of a wedded man was tapped in a video after narrowly fleeing for her existence after the spouse of the man with whom she’s in an unlawful relationship with uncovered their undercover relationship.

Per speculations drawn by ghnewsfile from the video, it was noticed that the wife of the man had been tipped off of the secret affairs her spouse and the paramour was undertaking.

Regardless, the wife raged the house impromptu to ascertain the status of her relationship. It was noticed that she was really in doubt as to the reactions that were thrown out in the video.

The side-chick acting smart took to her heels and escaped via the window in the room to avoid the commotion. Speaking from the video shared, one could see the lady eluding through the man’s window when the woman got to the place unannounced.

The lady was fortunate at that time because of her short skirt and dapper blouse that helped her escape easily else she would have been apprehended.

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