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MTN Launches Season 6 Of Heroes Of Change.

The MTN Ghana Foundation launched the sixth version of the main MTN change program at a short event at Casa MTN in Accra. Deposit n, called the 25th special version, was established for the remuneration of individuals and organizations that have a significant impact on the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic in three regions, which are at the bottom of values, right Educational and business. concentrated. Deposit From the 23rd) to 722 public members, it is proposed to designate the Heroes of Covid-19 of your community. Then, the nomination is cut at 10, and these 10 floors are deleted and displayed on a 13-week television program. Deposit In total, 200,000 were reserved to reward the last 10 heirs, which means that all ten people in the last ten (10) the GSS 20,000 Cash Prize, certificate, and GSS quote are together with the social networking channels and The communication received. The nomination can be nominated at wwww.heroes.mtn.com.gh. Deposit t of the MTN Ghana Foundation, Franklin Manusside Franklin, in the field of education, we will seek people and organizations that show innovations to learn about Covid people or ensure that students make sure that students are in a pandemic are considerable. Deposit For health, individuals, and organizations, leadership shows efforts to worry about a pandemierier to take care of it. Economic powers focus on people and organizations that show the initiative to ensure financial support for those who have been adversely affected by a pandemic. Deposit The three-party control panel has been selected to monitor MTN changes. You overcome. Albert Oken, Representative of International Motivation, Sydney Caveven-Hertford, Business, and Financial Analyst, and Okhunyrir Gifty Antifty, Journalist from Ghana, Rundfunk, and the MTN Gender Pendant, here from the place, was presented in July 2013 to determine and recognize People were altruistic, what even more. Sacrifice your time and resources to improve the community and clarification. Deposit Since its beginning 50 heroes, your contribution to the company with 5 people, which arise as changing winners, are the result of its consequences, MTN Heroes of Rawes has a series of prices, including the best public relations programs of the IPR annual program and CSR 2015 Awards Awards Awards Awards Awards Awards.

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