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Do Not Sleep With Directors And Manufacturers For The Stardom; Shan George Warning, Said To Young actresses

An actress with experience in George Mountain has used directors and producers to sleep to have the opportunity to celebrate. Mountain George encourages actresses to trust the directors or producers behind the camera. Shan told him the rhythm on Saturday, if I have to suggest that someone will act now, I will tell them that they do not provide my directors or producers behind the back. You can not sleep well. When you show the main thing you did on your camera, you ruined yourself. They will leave you like a hot potato. Therefore, look for scripts, be the essay of it, and be ready to provide the role that gives you. I do not think all the nonsense of the people who sleep and become stars. Sometimes, when I heard these things, I laughed. How can you sleep with the stars? Where will you start? You will only sleep in front of the camera, but if you can not deliver, they will throw you. You can not sleep at the top of this industry. The clear skin actress also said that even at 51, she still wants to experience true love. She said I am still looking for love. I still don’t save me. I am still an armed thief who wants to be erased. He said that if she has some terrible love experience, I said, I have never had that kind of experience. I am married twice. (Marriage and) My first husband, who is my father, and my second husband, I have not worked for a few things. He lives in England and lives in Nigeria, so there is a gap. Because of then, we all went to our independence. There are no sad feelings. Maybe when I was 60 years old, I would find the experience I am looking for.

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