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Joe Wise Breaks Silence On Bagbin’s Statement.

The first Vice-Minister Joseph Osei Owusu (Joe Wise ) has been called unfair, commented on the decision of others through Speaker Alban Bagbin. On February 22, Jos Ming is Bekwai MP and the President of the Procedures, rejected the proposal of ethnic minorities to explore government expenditures for Covid-19. According to him, the speaker should be delivered to the speaker before delivering the house, and should not be recognized, so the dismissal. However, Mr. Bin’s response to development on Wednesday, saying that he is not happy and describes the action of Bekwai MP to dissent, illegal and violating. In a statement, Joe Wise pointed out that it has characteristically electrically to comment on the statement of Mr. in public to not create the tension voltage between it and the deputy of it. There are many times that I have the opportunity to organize me asking for regular orders and I understand its relevant constitutional clauses, if necessary, guide preceding. I have never had any request to review RT. Hon. He said, spokesman, I will never do this. But for him, the comment is not an answer to his behavior. After listening to the argument of the supporters of the movement and the opponents, I am Confident is good for the objection, so I have continued. The decision proposed by Mr. Spartar Propaganda has never reviewed the proposal to establish a Special Committee because it seems to recommend its formal communication. I trust the 191 commands of the regular order, the decision I arrived at, and I have read the part. Qiao Mingzhi maintained never avoided his differences between Mr. Speaker, if necessary. In my opinion, this is the content of democracy, this is what it should be. He urged him to start, Mr. Speakers should have the courage to accept other people may have different perspectives. Read the following full statement:

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