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“Ken Ofori-Atta Also Opposed E-Levy”; Naana Agyemang Alleges

Professor Jane Naana Opoku-Agyemang said that financial ministers ken Ofori-Atta are one of them who opposed E-Levy. In the reason of the candidate’s candidate 2020 Democratic Party Congress (Naa Parliament ), Raanana Naana Chairman’s commentary, no money means his hostility for E-Levy, A due to fourth The core rejection of a minority group of the eighth council of the Republic is suspected of taxation in the past three months.

One of the many meetings of the Urban Parliament led by the Ministry of Finance, the awareness of Ghana, the tax proposal is 1.75%, and 1.5% is reviewed, and Mr. Offori-Atta told the village on Monday WA on the Alpexi area. , February 21, 2022: I looked at teachers and public officials, for example, I will be the first to admit salaries; no one will discuss it. Then, there is a reasonable demand, there is a more reasonable reality, no money, admit.

So, what did we do as a society? I ask. Then, you let me give you more salary; which is right. Then, I said: But this is your colleague, public officials who collect money, they don’t charge money, how can you, responsible for collecting money, don’t pick up and tell me that I will give you money? Another question. During commentary by Mr. Offori-Attas, Opoku-Agyeman said on Friday, February 25, 2022:

“The electronic collection of alternatives to replace disputes, question: If the finance minister is true, he did not deny it, I have no reason to suspect that the government has no money, how is the poor citizen? “

Through himself, he adds people who oppose E-Levy to the Minister of Education for E-Levy in unconsciousness. Provoke-Agyeman said that we need enough economic management.

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