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My SHS Colleagues Laughed At Me, But Now They Want To Be Like Artists Like Me; Artisan Claims

A 25-year high school (SHS), after the district of Macmergen, in the district of Ashhanan, said, since all, including family members, were eliminated by adventurers in the target profession of healing. According to Emmanuel Umanfo, most of him was now mocked his graduation from college, but could not find a job. Emmanuel almost stopped a qualified transaction due to the negative comments he received from all.

But he now said that he was happy. Emmanuel does not have his education of him at the university level, but now he won the life of his installed company of him. When he was in Pannon, the people who approved, SHS completed and prevent education from him.

They are surprised by what finished S.S. We decided to become craft teachers instead of being confusing. I was on time at work, but due to the constant ridicule, I was tired and stopped in the formation. My teacher is often called to ask why I will not come, but I felt sick. The most disappointed people are now graduated from college, but unemployed. Now you see me so better than before. I did many problems. Even some of my family members were not disappointed, but I stayed on the floor and turned to find out. The work is not easy, she said.

Emmanuel is a business student at a high-tech Masatia school. The course can help you develop your business ideas and your business skill. Emmanuel began the business two years ago after five years of study. He mobilized 4000 cedis of the amount he received from the teacher in the five-year learning process. I started with 4000 CEDI without any support. Over time, people buy our items. We receive contracts from the bird and order in large quantities. Help my company, growth and our income increased, he said.

He made a carbon pot, poultry, trunk, including used zinc materials. We have people who give us documents. If sometimes, when someone is building buildings, we buy waste or residues. Sometimes filtered roof breeders will call us to buy old materials, he added. In a good week, Emmanuel can win 3000 Cedis on sales. We care about the orders of our customers. We can achieve 3000 cedis a week and our profits are 500 cedis and 1000. Sometimes sales can be a business.

A young businessman has four regular students and three common workers, including one of his colleagues at high school. He pays 50 Cedis every day. We have seven people. Four students and three random workers. Today some of them did not come because we were not enough.

One of the boys is my partner SHS. Warehouse A 25-year-old man is not a delicious solution as an artisan. Warehouse Some comrades Emmanuel are currently graduating from the university, some learned trade, while others are still struggling with life. Warehouse Sometimes we meet as a classmate.

Some of us go far in life, others are completed, and the rest is still struggling to make money. But they were happy when we were all. At any time there is a currency contribution, any money that I provide graduates, but also help. You about my business. Warehouse Although Emmanuel wanted to promote his education, he was not going to do it now. If I have the opportunity to promote education, I will, but now I have not planned.

Because after school you still have to look for work. Now I focus on my business. Warehouse Your old fear loses the current position. Warehouse I pray that my business grows, and the factory can be set up. Sometimes parents make their children study, but because of the problems with money, we cannot include, among other things. Warehouse, For example, the earth is not me.

When the owner comes, it evacuates us. We were shaken before participating in the earth. That’s the problem. We do not have 100,000 cedis to buy land for the business. Warehouse Emmanuel felt he reached a lot in life. Warehouse Instead of waiting for the job of a white-collar, he called for the young whole to deceive and do something for themselves.

Warehouse In this modern world, you do not have to trust someone. It does not depend on the government. Warehouse People have to look for something meaningful to plan for the future. Warehouse Emmanuel Amanfo may continue a while in the advantages of learning learning learning a bit more.

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