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Talented Sarkodie is amazing: Akon speaks up after not signing him.

The singer, producer, and song of Senegal, Akon has become his unique talent and his contribution to the development of Ghana’s creative industry. Many super-award-winning, although he could not sign Sarkodie, the enormous potential of him was something he could not ruin.

We have a plan to make it so great and bigger, but I would like to pay more attention to Ghana at that time, this is working for him. I think this is a work plan. Arken said, I always say that he fled the artist. Speaking of #PulsexkalyJayspace, Lonely Craneders revealed that it does not matter what Sarkodie and yourself still make sure you have a person and adequate contact so you can be good. It can be a great poster we do.

However, regardless of the end of Ghana, I have everything I need to need in the United States, there is no contact because I need to see everything I can press, or each button can be completed a simpler way do in the states Joined. I did it, I think everything was done, because it finally got the best award, so it was exercised. The ARK team began adding more than Sakya is the first artist we signed and started.

My brother, Babs deals with him in a day, but in the case of the African artist, does not control them completely. Arken pointed out because they did not completely control the Saudi event, they can not contact you well. This is a piece of paper, so it depends on the artist’s statement, we have a contract. He added that we must respect him.

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