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Foreign Citizens To Arrive In Ghana Soon; Shirley Ayorkor Discloses

Shirley’s Ayorkor Botchwey showed on Sunday, February 27, citizens who departed the country on Sunday. She said that the government won through a sequel of cooperation initiatives as a diplomatic partner, homework, and diplomatic consulate.

Foreign Affairs Minister of State, Shirley is identified to be announced that the government has launched a measure to promote flights for transportation, housing, nutrition, medical support, and citizens. We expect ministries to spend a better day to expand our external diplomatic mission and honorary consulate to expand our external support to our citizens.

We can make seriously safe returns much easier. These numbers increase in a few days when we see our people, citizens, and students. They shared important phone numbers with other characters they share, create groups, create groups, and other characters that can chat, consulate, and be useful.

It also transports neighbors like Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. Students are accepted by diplomatic missions, honorary tortures, and public officials from students or student associations. Split images According to the ministry, 24 people entered Romania at North Hui. Off the soil is to buy tickets for Accra tomorrow.

She treated in the area of ​​exploration of 48 people, and 60 went through the Romanian border stage. 38 We passed in the authorities and Poland 38. We also prepare people to help our citizens to fly. The 25 people of the Prague route helped Slovakia with the Console of honor and accept it by the challenges in Prague.

The morning of, 25 arrived in Hungary and was protected from Pentecost in Budapest.  Reach from neighboring countries have contributed to our embassy in Moscow who crossed Sun Gridshd, proven to have already serious problems.

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