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Poland Challenges FIFA’s Ruling Against Russia

FIFA immediately retreats Russia from the classification of the World Cup on Sunday, but it is still a choice. On the other hand, this lineup can use the RFU football federation of RFU acronym in neutral local places.

Poland was immediately refused by Poland, the committee said it still refused in the semi-final in the World Cup playoffs, and the post-match was planned on March 24. Today, President of President, President of President, President, President, President, President, Today’s decision is completely unacceptable. We are not interested in participating in this game. Our position is complete: the Polish national team will not play with Russia, no matter what the team’s name is.

The International Football Office is a consistent ruling, six presidents with the regional football federation, and a team of Russian flags and praise poems that cannot be associated with the first alpha of the Russian Football League. FIFA said in a statement that FIFA will continue to talk to IOC, UEFA, and other sports organizations to determine any additional measures or sanctions, including potential exclusion competition, if this is not the case, will be applied shortly better.

Rapidly. The decision adopts the arbitration court in Ukraine invasion, punish Russian secrets on national sponsoring stimulants. This means that Russians must compete in the last two Olympics as the ROC team. FIFAs compete through the competition of the Russian ban until the potential qualifications of the World Cup reach competition.

Russia – Poland’s playoffs will be held on March 29 in Sweden or the Czech Republic to determine the WHO advancing. The 18th Year of the 21st, the World Cup. Join Poland and Sweden on Sunday, saying that he will refuse to play Russia.

The Federal Association said in a statement that the French Czech Executive Committee, staff, national team staff, and national team participants agreed that it would not violate the Russian national team to the Russian national team. We all want to end as soon as possible. FIFA said it is committed to three associations and will remain closed to finding appropriate and acceptable solutions. In addition, the British Football Association announced that its national team will refuse to play Russia for a foreseeable future. Russia is qualified in June, the European Championship organized by the UK. The British FA said that this decision is united with Ukraine, condemning Russian leadership is committed to changing the atrocities.

The chairman of RFU is Alexander Diguv, an executive director of a subsidiary of the national energy giant of California, also found in the European Po. Executive Committee. In France, Nol Le Grat, Chairman of the Football Federation, said LE Paris’s daily day, tends to rule Russia from the World Cup. LE GRAT in the FIFA Council, the world, especially football, can not be kept neutral, recently a nearby allies, Zani Iynmanntino. Strictly read the provisions of the International Football World Cup It will even make the Polish, Sweden and the Czech League, if they don’t play Russia, they must pay a fine and compensation.

However, in 1992, after the sanctions in the war in the war in the Balkans, Yugoslavia canceled Yugoslavia from their competition. The FIFA office hosted by Infantino includes the president of UEFA Aleksander Ceferin. On Friday, Europe stopped St. Petersburg’s 2022 Champion League, transferred to Paris, and said that Russia and the Ukrainian team must play games in neutral countries in their competitions. UEFA allows Spartak Moscow to continue to play in the second round of the European league. As Ukraine attacked the fourth day on Sunday, Russian President Vladimir Putin temporarily lost the highest official position in world sports. The International Judo Association quoted Ukraine’s current war conflict, suspended the status of Pres honor.

The Russian President is a great Jewish and participated in this movement at 2012 Olympics the 2012 Olympics. In another favorite sport, ice hockey, Latvia Club Dunmoli withdrew the Sunday of the Ice Hockey League, and the hotkey has a military and humanitarian crisis.

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