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Russia Warns Sweden And Finland against Joining NATO.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia said Maria Zakharova said that if Finland and Sweden choose to join NATO, there will be serious military and political consequences. Both countries share the border with Russian Russian in the Arctic Circle. For those who do not know NATO, the Northern Atlantic

Treaty Organization, also known as the North Atlantic Alliance, (NATO ) in 28 European countries and 2 North American countries. Intergovernmental Military Alliance. The organization was determined after the Second World War, the Organization implemented the North Atlantic Treaty signed on April 4, 1949. Zakharova warned that speaking at the press conference on Friday warned that NATO’s idea would be harmful to both countries. Finland and Sweden should not agree with the safety of other countries, and NATO’s safety may have adverse consequences, facing some military and political consequences.

Zakharova said we are committed to the Finnish government to make an important factor to guarantee the safety and stability of the Nordic. It is believed that the Ukrainian decision to join NATO is responsible for Russian attacks. President Russia, Vladimir Putin opposes Ukraine to join NATO.

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