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EU Closes Down All Russian Airlines. Check News Out!

The EU announced the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Limen, announced that the EU applied a Grenclite prohibition at the Russian plane. She said that we are closing the EU airspace, the Russians, the Russian registry, or the Russian-controlled aircraft. All these aircraft, including oligarchy, will now be able to land, cancel or fly from any EU country. Russian aircraft have also been banned from British airspace.

The largest airline in Russia, Aeroflot, said that it will cancel all flights to the destination of Europe until the weekly retaliation metastasis. Before the decision, European countries closed airspace one by one.

Germany said it will last three months. The Departure Committee of Moscow’s Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo Airport has exhibited dozens of cancellations on Sunday, including flights to Paris, Vienna, and Kaliningrad. Russian S7 Airlines said on Facebook, which will cancel flights to many European destinations before March 13. Russia has been trying to limit the replacement restrictions of countries that prohibit flights.

The President of the Commission said that the EU will also prohibit the Russian state news from Stunic and Russia, which are widely considered as the Kremlin nozzle. He said we are developing a stupid tool to prohibit toxic and harmful Europe. Flight restrictions will require Russian airlines to take roundabouts, resulting in a longer flight time. Commercial airlines also avoid Ukraine, Moldova, and airspace around Belarus.

In the United States, Delta Airlines said that it will suspend the flight reservation agreements with Russian aircraft agencies. UKS prohibits Moscow in Russian flights to retaliate with similar roads on the British plane. The Atlantic Victory said that Russia will increase the flight between the United Kingdom and India and Pakistan by one hour.

The Qantas Australian airlines said that it will use longer routes directly between Darwin and London, which will not be excess Russia.

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