FIFA ban matches in Russia

FIFA, on Sunday, announced a number of sanctions following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The world football governing body said no international soccer matches will be played in Russia.

The country’s flag and anthem has also been banned from any of their matches abroad.

FIFA added that the national team would not compete as Russia, but as the Football Union of Russia (RFU) and any games would be played with no supporters on “neutral territory”.

These come after several sports federations and clubs cancelled competitions in Russia or have refused to face Russian teams in protest of the invasion.

The Czech Republic, Poland and Sweden said their national teams would not contest World Cup qualifiers against Russia next month. England’s Football Association also said its national team would not play any matches against Russia “for the foreseeable future”.

The International Olympic Committee urged international sports federations on Friday to either move or cancel events planned in Russia or Belarus. When the invasion began on Thursday, Russian troops entered Ukraine through Belarus.

FIFA has now stated that it will work with the three countries involved in the World Cup qualifiers – Sweden, Poland, and the Czech Republic – to find a solution.

“(FIFA) has already engaged in dialogue with all of these football associations. FIFA will remain in close contact to seek to find appropriate and acceptable solutions together,” a statement added.

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