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Francis Sosu Has Been Appointed As New Executive Member and Vice-Chairman Of Africa Bar Association

The Board of Madina and Human Rights Law, Francis-Xavier Sosu was appointed Executive Member and Vice President (AFBA ) of the Committee on Trade and Investment of the African Lawyers. As a parliamentary member of the Constitution of Parliament, the Committee on Legal Affairs and Affairs of Parliament, members of Parliament, are recognized as main human rights lawyers and public interest in Ghana for more than 10 years, and its knowledge, laws, and professional intelligence and security.

This fund, ABFA believes that it can support and promote the work of the Committee because AFBA is designed to achieve economic cooperation in the African Development Agenda by 2063 economic cooperation and integration of Africa. Recently nominated La Madina MP for the Leadership of Human Rights of Timothy Bowles African, he will have to work with the Committee to promote the ideal of African regional economic integration and the representative association of African lawyers.

Over the years, Francis Seville Sosu advocated the rights of many people in Ghana, especially the information of the poor and less privileged gospels, as a Christian leader to maintain the privilege of people trampling and ensuring that they seek corrective and salaries. Given that the Ordinary Member, Francis Seville Sosu (ESQ ) has introduced invoices to provide illegal detention and detention compensation, replacing the death penalty of lifelong prison, which prohibits anyone as a sorcerer, and review the law of legal operation of 1960 (action 32 ) review legal education and the restructuring of the functions of the General Commission of Laws (GLC ).

The Executive Committee of the Vice President of the AFBA and the Committee on Trade and Investment is expected that Francis Jeron’s Sosu defends the Presidency and Committee Committee; Cooperation with the Presidency and other committees, especially the general growth and the development of the Committee, especially AFBA. He is also responsible for developing general frameworks in trade, investment, and commercial emigration of mainland China; and he uses Antidote to deepen cross-border trade, in continental goods and services, etc.

The Association of African Lawyers (AFBA ) was established in 1971, as a professional institution of the respective lawyers and national legal associations of Africa, and became the Federation of the National Legal Association, the Company, and illegal legal persons and Individuals lawyers. The Association seeks to promote exchanges between opinions and experiences among members in other objectives, and makes the progress of the social economy and political development and legal progress as the cornerstone of this development, and finally breaking the policies of the new legal border.

The Association brings together five subregional African lawyers, and their respective national associations extended to the AFBA continent. The organizational structure AFBA includes censorship of 64 of the African Bar Council and the Executive Board. These two weapons form the best decision-making applications of the Association. Mr. Sosu is currently the Association of Lawyers of Ghana, the Association of African Lawyers, the International Association of Popular Lawyers, Lawyers, Canada, the Association of Reform of Criminal Justice, Lawyer, and the Second Vice President, and the Second Attached from the United Nations Association. Ghana.

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