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Kevin Ekow Paints Bishop Duncan Williams With Words Of Insults He’ll Never Forget[Watch]

Kevin Ekow Baidoo Taylor is largely upset with the popular Ghana Missionary, and the bishop Nicholas Duncan Williams and released a new video to destroy him on YouTube. Based on the US reporter and social network commentator’s cause of attacks from the back of copyright infringement, the main pastor reported to the International Pastor against him on Facebook. Kevin Taylor was accused of using some Williams videos, there is not enough license to talk to his congregation, which is for Facebook, community standard behavior. To solve this problem, Facebook withdrew the video and contacted Kevin via email, and described the steps he can follow, including Williams, who agreed before his content appeared again. In a reactionary video, Kevin Taylor brings Duncan Williams to the cleaners and he punishes him in an insulting video. He called him a womanizer, a false liar, and the pastor hid outside Christianity in deceiving his followers.

Duncan Williams was also dared to pray for his son. “If you claim to be a strong God, prohibit him from abuse of illegal drugs in prayers” he explained.

Look at the video below;

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