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US Seizes Russia’s Central Bank From US Dollar Transactions

The Biden government announced that Americans from conducting additional sanctions against the Russian central bank, prohibiting Americans from carrying out business and freezing their assets in Ukraine in the invasion of Ukraine. New measures will also target the National Wealth Fund of the Russian Federation and the Russian Federation Ministry of Finance.

The main officials of the Biden government have talked about the conditions of anonymous disclosure names to share Washington thought, and the new sanctions will take effect immediately. We want to make these actions before our market because we learned in our ally and partners on weekends, Russian central banks are working hard to move assets, and there will be a huge positive contract on Monday.

Officials in the world are expressed in a conference call to the reporter tomorrow. Our strategy simply ensures that the Russian economy returns. Although President Putin decided to invade Ukraine, European officials move forward. The United States also joined the Russian President, another ally of Putin, and to sanctions and direct investment DMITRIEVER’s board of directors. Russia’s direct investment fund or RDIF is a sovereign wealth fund, but the Putin Difficulty Fund is widely considered.

The official said that the United States hopes that its allies take similar measures in the next few days. This is announced in the US and its allies announced on weekends to prevent Russians from exerting restrictions from the central bank to deploy their international reserves so that it can destroy sanctions. No country is punishment, Pross War Chest 630 billion dollars Book A only you can use it to defend your currency, the second director said on Monday.

In recent weeks, the United States and its allies have created floods in Russia in Russia to maintain the economic pressure of the Kremlin.

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