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My Son Doesn’t Mind Me Again, Shatta Wale’s Mom Cries

Shatta Wale’s Mother has cried and begged her son to look at his address and remember when she helped him when she faces him. According to her, Shatta Wale acquired a house for her, but it turned out that the house did not pay, became homeless.

Lye when she accepts Kofi Adomah’s Day because she can not pay her income, Ali Ademe, Ali, known as Shatta Mama, Shatta Wale has always ignored her phone calls for two weeks. My son refused to respond to my phone. “When I called him, he did not respond. I’m dealing with BP, my heads or even pain”, Shatta Mama cries. She recognizes that Sha Tinwell takes care of her and a house of her, but now she is not lying. The popular FM interview of Shatta Mamain said: Yes, I was expelled from the oriental lion apartment, that Shatta Wale arranged for me.

I do not have to stay for almost two weeks. I currently do not start counting on Shatta Wale to resolve the sum of Landlady’s alleged. I must fail. Because my son refused to help me, I asked the general public to help me find a new apartment. You can provide me money to rent an apartment, or you can give me an apartment. What I need is just a place to call home.

Too much humiliation. Shatta Wale is currently going to travel with her team in the United States. Look at the following video:

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