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Kenyan Lady Stands Trial After Allegedly Biting Off Fiance Ear For Giving Her Small Transportation Fare

A Kenyan woman faces the law after she bites off her guy’s ear in battle, after complaining that she is given a small transport fee.

A woman known as Zainab Ochero reported that in Joseph, she is was into committing to declining behavior, after the Karanja, her fiance gave her just KSH 100 as home transport. On Tuesday, March 1, the court of Kibera, Ochero was accused of allegedly making serious injury to Karaja. He was allegedly hurt at a bar, where he was drinking alcohol with Ochero at 2 a.m. on February 21, in Nairon Mime.

Both do not agree, trying to solve your infertility relationship problem. According to reports, Mr. Karaja alleged that Mrs. Ochero met him at Khongmir’s bar, discussed his incident, but she left in a disagreement for her house in Kawangware.

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