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Ronaldo ‘Shopee’ video from 2019 goes viral

The Portuguese star’s marketability was used with bizarre effect in this Singaporean commercial, which has resurfaced on social media

Cristiano Ronaldo has performed a hilarious dance routine in a bizarre advertisement for Singapore company Shopee, with the video from 2019 going viral on social media again three years later.

The Manchester United striker, who was at Juventus at the time, is the star of the commercial for the south-east Asian business, which is a leading online shopping platform in the region.

In it, the footballer is forced to perform a weird Baby Shark-esque dance before awkwardly endorsing the product – with many online scarcely able to believe it is real.

What happens in the advert?

In the advert, Ronaldo curls a free kick into the back of the net before performing his trademark ‘Siiiu’ goal celebration.

After members of the crowd access the Shopee app, Ronaldo is shown an orange card by the referee, is transformed into a jersey of the same colour and breaks into the ‘Go Shopee’ dance.

Once the routine is completed, the attacker announces that consumers should “buy everything at Shopee”.

Has Ronaldo appeared in other strange ads?

It’s not the first time Ronaldo’s marketability has been used in strange commercials, having appeared in an advertisement for Israeli communications company HOT in which he says he is faster than the internet speed they are offering.

While the ex-Real Madrid forward was also deployed in a Japanese advertisement for a facial fitness tool.

Source: Goal

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