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A Ghanaian woman with an air conditioner installed in her “atta-Kwame” mud hut has sparked outrage on the internet.

A Ghanaian woman has created a stir online after having an air conditioner put in her mud house, which is an incredible sight that has gone viral.

Manso Moseaso, an agricultural hamlet in the Ashanti Region’s Amansie West District, is said to be the woman’s hometown

The homeowner, identified as Madam Mary Nsiah, has been the talk of the neighborhood after giving her room an exotic feel that is unusual for a property of that size.

A journalist named Osei Kwadwo was drawn to her by the excitement surrounding her, and he broadcast her content on Ambassador TV, a YouTube channel.

“My son purchased the air conditioner for me after I requested it and it was delivered,” she explained

“It’s not that I don’t have a fan in my room; I have both a standing and ceiling fan, but I wanted to know what it’s like to sleep in an air-conditioned room.”

“People always come here, especially when there is a funeral,” she explained, “and take pictures of it, which is why it is trending on social media.”

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