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Shayne Tears Natalie Up When He Asks for an Apology in ‘Love Is Blind’ Reunion

After a tragic wedding on the season, 2 finale of Love Are Blind, Shayne Jansen and Natalie Lee are finally meeting face to face. The former couple appeared to be on track to marry-until an off-camera brawl the night before their wedding, which prompted Natalie to decline at the altar.

Shayne told Natalie in the finale that he “hated” her and that she was the “worst thing” that had ever happened to him


Shayne confronts Natalie about their disagreement in a new sneak peek video from the show’s upcoming reunion episode.

“There was a reason I got to that stage as well,” Shayne explains. “They didn’t just appear out of nowhere, the words that I employed. On your part, you haven’t expressed regret. Was it 100% my responsibility because you haven’t admitted it? Yes, I bear most of the blame, but you’re spouting off.”

Natalie responded, “I’m not blaming you at all.” “I understand your rage sprang from anything I did to you or something that pushed you to that point. So I don’t want it to come out as if I’m simply blaming you or that those remarks came out of nowhere. I’m sure it stemmed from your dissatisfaction with me or by making you feel inadequate.”

Shayne then goes on to question his ex-fiancée, saying, “You have no remorse for your actions? Are there any apologies?”

Natalie begins to cry and says, “No, I… I feel like we’ve discussed this before, and I believe we have. I apologize for making you feel insufficient since I believe you were more than adequate.”

“I’m f**king depressed,” Shayne says when moderator and co-host Vanessa Lachey ask how he’s feeling


Natalie previously discussed the off-camera brawl with ET, saying, “There was more than one factor at play. It was the result of a combination of various factors. I believe the stress of our wedding contributed to this, as we felt compelled to make a rapid decision.”

She went on to say: “I believe it is due to our disparities in financial and general lifestyle approaches. And I believe the pressure of having to make so many sacrifices got to him. I believe he kept it a secret for a while before revealing it later that evening.”

On Friday, Netflix will release the Love Is Blind Season 2 reunion special


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