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400 Nigerian men with military background volunteer to go and fight Russia invasion

Approximately 400 Nigerian men with a military background have besieged the Ukraine Embassy in Nigeria as volunteers ready to move to Ukraine to fight the Russian invasion.

However, they are not happy that they have been asked by the Embassy to pay $1000 for visa processing and a ticket before embarking on the dangerous mission.

“The $1,000 requirement is too high,” said Monday Adikwu, with number 96NA/41/2808, who was dismissed from the Nigerian Army for leaving his duty post to visit his pregnant wife without permission.

He said: “I want to go to Ukraine because I am a military man. I fought in Liberia. I fought in Sierra Leone. I was part of the 33 Battalion. I was trained by Ukrainian soldiers when I was in the United Nations in Kosovo on how to shoot and drive APC tanks.

I can drive it very well. So, when I heard about Ukraine and the way people are trooping in… I am a farmer. I don’t have anything. I am a fighter. They said they will pay us so I am ready to f!ght so that I can get paid and take care of my family. I will also bring glory to the name of Nigeria as a worthy ambassador.”

Meanwhile, Adikwu, who was in the company of other dismissed soldiers, claimed that Russian forces were not a threat. “We are not scared. It was David that killed Goliath with only a tool. So, I believe my going to Ukraine will give them victory.”

Meanwhile, Bohdan Soltys, the Second Secretary at the Ukrainian Embassy in Nigeria, said that Nigerians would find it difficult to travel to Ukraine now that the airspace has been closed due to the war.

The diplomat said Ukraine was not recruiting mercenaries but volunteers. He, therefore, advised Nigerians not to focus on money.

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