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Abena Korkor calls out ex-boyfriend who is now Bridget Otoo’s current boyfriend [Video]

Abena Korkor has unleashed her missiles on her ex-boyfriend and Metro TV presenter, Bridget Otoo.

The ex-boyfriend in question, according to Abena Korkor, is now dating Bridget Otoo.

Dr. Evans Ago Tetteh, the subject of her latest outburst, claims that their relationship fell apart because he didn’t give her the attention she required.

“I was very truthful to you. Even when you were not giving me attention, I told you I didn’t sign up for this so I am getting somebody else and you thought you will go and get my look-alike Bridget Otoo” she said.

She further stated that Dr. Ago does not pass her requirement to be her boyfriend but he only considered him because of a few reasons.

Me I don’t even like short men but I thought you had sense, considered you because you were my senior, I considered you because you had a Methodist background,” she said in a video posted on her Instagram page.

Taking her rant to Twitter, she also said “I don’t hide under any phoney labels. I was getting what I wanted in the relationship so I informed you and got a second in command. Eventually, I broke up with you next thing your girlfriend @Bridget_Otoo is sitting across me and you couldn’t inform her we date“.

Abena Korkor also went on to say that Dr. Ago “I enjoyed because I was enjoying the sex. Which you still need some polishing up to do. You can sign up for a class. I am a sex consultant now“.

See more of her Twitter rants in the screenshots below;

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