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Amazing as British Child Singer Delivers Perfect Version of Black Sherif’s Second Sermon Remix – Video

Mehitabel Cosa, popularly known as Mehcosa, a young British child musician, has shocked Ghanaians with a flawless version of Second Sermon Remix.

Mehcosa, who is of Nigerian heritage, nailed the entire song by Black Sherif, a rising Ghanaian singer.

She’s just 11 years old, but she’s already built a reputation for herself by flawlessly covering songs, particularly those by Nigerian artists, where her parents are said to be from.

Burna Boy’s appearance on Black Sherif’s Second Sermon remix undoubtedly drew her notice to the Ghanaian musician.

As a result, Mehcosa took it upon herself to do a cover of the song, and it is incredible.

The precision with which she sung the words, some of which are in Twi, is astounding.

Her pitch and delivery were also perfect.

Because Mehcosa is British, she added her own charming accent to the Twi and English sections of the song, making it sound utterly distinct yet instantly recognizable.

We give her a perfect score of ten out of ten.

Below is a video of her version of the Second Sermon Remix…

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