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My girlfriend starts chanting anytime I try breaking up with her, says her ancestors don’t approve of it- GH man

Our big lenses have spotted a ridiculous post circulating on the internet.

According to a distraught man’s account, whenever he intends to break up with her, his girlfriend goes into a trance and begins chanting.

He goes on to say that the lady then sends him a message from her ancestors, saying that they aren’t happy about the breakup. He claimed the lady often adds that if he dares go ahead and dump her, he will die.

The post was shared on Momoza’s huge fan page. It read;

Hi Auntie Momoza. Maybe I’m just not clued up about ancestors. I’ve been dating this girl that has a history of ancestors bothering her. I never had a problem with it because as much as I’m a Christian, I’m also an African.

She stays a street away from ours. She cheated on me and I decided to end things. My problem is now she comes to my place unannounced. When I kick her out she starts doing sangoma noises and moves.

When I let her in the house the noises and moves stop. She says her ancestors haven’t accepted our break up and that if we force it she will die. It’s been 5 months I’m stuck with her.

Everytime I raise the break up issue she starts with her sangoma moves and noises. When I let her sleep next to me she calms down. To those with knowledge of ancestors, how do l go about this one?”

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