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Nigerians who want to fight alongside Ukrainians against Russians must pay a visa fee of $1,000, according to the Ukrainian government

Nigerians who expressed an interest in joining Ukrainian military to resist the Russians invading their country have been informed that they would not be granted free transit to Ukraine.

A group of men gathered at the Ukrainian Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria, this week to offer their services to the Ukrainian army.

They are thought to be in response to a recent call from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who urged people all around the world to join the struggle.

The Nigerian volunteers were requested to fill out a form issued by the Ukraine Embassy in Abuja and sign it.

The Nigerian volunteers, on the other hand, have been told that they will be required to pay $1,000 for their visa and flight to Ukraine

Nigerians who want to fight in Ukraine can’t fly directly there because the country’s airspace is closed because to the conflict. They’d have to fly to one of Ukraine’s border countries and then enter the country from there.

This will cost money, at least $1,000, according to the volunteers.

This did not sit well with volunteers, who said they couldn’t afford the money and were joining the fight to make money instead

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