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S3x Gadget Lands Tiktok Star In Hospital After She Pleasures Her Self With It – Video

A woman ended up in the hospital, afraid for her life when a sex item became caught in her vagina.

The army commander, who claims to have been stationed away from home for almost a year, was photographed in a hospital bed after a self-love session with a lavender-colored vibrator went wrong.

She posted on TikTok about “the thing that almost killed her.

In a follow-up tape, she explained, “So basically I’m in the military, I’ve been gone from home for over a year.”

“I have to compel it to do what it wants because I’m away from home, which is why I bought that toy.”

“The toy had like ten different settings on it,” she explained, “so the first couple of things I used them a lot,” she explained, “so one day I just decided to just break this whole thing pretty quick.”

I shouldn’t do that because the first, second, and third levels will always send me to heaven.

I increased the volume to level six because the little suction devices had a different vibration.”

She stated that the sex device whisked her away to “heaven” in three to five seconds.

“I’m in heaven, and I suddenly realize I can’t get it out of me,” she added.

“I tried to remove the toy, but it was stuck — the suction cup was stuck.”

“I’m on the ground because my body is so weak that I couldn’t get up.” “Next thing I knew, I was blacked out.”

She was transported to the hospital after the sex object was discovered on her body.

The Ticket “When I went back, I tossed that s*** away.”

Take a look at this video:

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