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This Could Be The Reason Why He’s Cruel; Check Out Vladimir Putin’s Birth.

During WWII, (a soldier) was granted leave to return home, and as soon as he arrived on the street near his home, he noticed a parked military vehicle piled with bodies and realized the enemy had bombed his city.

The soldier took one last look at the piled-up bodies and observed that a shoe on a (woman’s) foot looked just like a shoe he had previously purchased for his wife.

He rushed to his house to check on her, but he soon left and returned to the truck to check the body, where he discovered his wife!.

The vehicle was transporting dozens of bodies to a mass burial when it crashed.

The soldier did not want his wife to be buried in a mass grave after his shock, so he requested that his wife be removed from the truck and buried properly.

During the transfer, he noticed she was still breathing slowly and laboriously, so he brought her to the hospital, where she received the necessary first assistance and regained her life!!

Years later, after the war ended, the wife who was nearly buried alive became pregnant and gave birth to a boy named “Vladimir Putin.”

He currently serves as Russia’s President

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