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$1 Equivalents ¢7.08 Cedis As At Now. [Check Chart].

According to the “Open Exchange Rates,” the cost of one US dollar in Ghana Cedis today is 7.08. This is a 0.02 percent (+0.0014) increase over yesterday’s rate. The chart shows the exchange rate of the US Dollar against the Ghana Cedi, as well as a table showing the cost dynamics as a percentage for the day, week, month, and year.

conversions table of the currencies from dollar to cedis

You can use the currency converter to convert one US dollar to Cedis and see how much one dollar is worth in Cedis right now. You can also perform a reverse calculation to determine the current value of 1 Cedi in US Dollars

Chart of the increment of the dollar rate Ind it’s relative Ghana cedis
Google search of the price of a dollar in cedis as of 5th March 2022

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