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‘My Heart is Belongs to God’ – Video of Obinim Struggling to Speak English as he Brags About his Wealth Causes Stir

Angel Bishop Daniel Obinim has sent netizens into stitches of laughter as a video of him struggling to speak English has surfaced online.

Obinim in the video is sending a message to a fellow pastor who is apparently trying to beef him.

Obinim, for whatever reason, chose to send his message in English!

Despite the fact that the man of God struggles with the Queen’s language, he chose that medium to send his message.

There was absolutely no reason for him to speak English, but Angel decided to go for it.

As a result, a hilarious video emerges in which he tries to convey his message while mispronouncing a number of words.

The video has gone viral, with people mocking the man of God for attempting to speak English when he clearly does not understand it.

Watch the video of Obinim below.

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