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“My Money Is Arrogant”, Medikal Addresses Those Telling Him He’s Arrogant.

Rapper AMG Medikal has made it plain to those who believe he is arrogant because of his wealth that he is modest as always, but that his wealth is arrogant since it is tripled every day.

Medikal’s demeanor can be viewed as arrogant at times, but he’s made us realize that he’s not as arrogant as we think, but rather that it’s his money that’s arrogant, which begs the issue of how.

When your money is arrogant, it means you are arrogant as well because your money controls you and most of your decisions are based on how much money you have, but I assume Medikal believes the two can be distinguished in his case


If your money is arrogant rather than you, it should show in most of your actions, and Medikal is humble as he used to be when he had nothing, but his money is arrogant because it grows all the time.

Medikal is a diligent worker who enjoys flaunting his wealth on social media to make everyone think he’s enjoying the good life, which is perhaps why some people think he’s arrogant because he’s made money.

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