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Russian President Vladimir Putin is hiding his mistress in a very private and secure’ Swiss chalet.

Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, is rumored to be hiding his Olympic gold-medal-winning gymnast mistress and their four young children in a private Swiss chalet.

Alina Kabaeva, 38, has allegedly four children with the 69-year-old Russian tyrant. She was once dubbed “Russia’s most flexible woman.”

Putin and the accomplished gymnast are said to have two sons and two seven-year-old twin daughters.

All of the children are said to have Swiss passports

‘While Putin attacks innocent individuals and creates a refugee problem in Ukraine, his family is holed up in a very private and highly guarded chalet someplace in Switzerland,’ a source told Page Six.

It happened on the ninth day of Russia’s war with Ukraine. Thousands of people are said to have been killed, and more than a million people have been forced to abandon their homes as a result of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Although there have been multiple reports of her wearing a wedding band, there is no evidence that Kabaeva and Putin have married.

On visits to a Moscow cafe, she is said to have a fleet of Maybach limousines at her disposal and has been escorted by a squad of machine-gun-toting security guards.

Kabaeva is one of rhythmic gymnastics’ most decorated athletes, having won two Olympic medals, 14 World Championship medals, and 25 European Championship medals.

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