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Ukrainian actor Pasha Lee killed during battle against Russians

Ukrainian actor Pasha Lee was killed while fighting off Russian forces — having gone from entertainer to soldier who put himself on the front lines in the battle for his country.

Lee died while serving in the Ukrainian army this weekend, falling at the hands of Russian occupiers who were bombarding the city of Irpin with mortar shells — this according to the Odesa International Film Festival, which broke the news about his passing.

They memorialized him by listing his film credentials, including roles in “Shtolnya,” “Shadows of Unforgotten Ancestors,” “Zvychayna Sprava,” “The Fight Rules,” “Meeting of Classmates” and more.

He’s also done commercial and TV work, as well as voice acting — and not just that … but the dude was apparently known as a composer and theater actor too.

The OIFF wrote, “We call on the world community to help Ukraine in the fight against Russia and stop the war. We urge you to close the sky over Ukraine immediately and continue to boycott Russian cinema.”

Unclear when he joined the Ukrainian armed forces — but Lee is reported to have served in a territorial defense unit … which apparently saw action in Irpin, an area that was under siege all weekend long — as many saw first-hand in brutal fashion.

Ukrainian actress Anastasiya Kasilova — one of his fellow costars — mourned his death by taking to social media and writing … “Pasha Li killed during the shelling in Irpen, defending Ukraine. He is an actor, TV presenter, my colleague and a good acquaintance… Not so long ago we shot together in a teaser for a children’s film…Never forgive!”

He was 33.


Source: TMZ

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