Chelsea FC: Why Havertz is starting ahead of Lukaku – Tuchel opens up

Thomas Tuchel, Chelsea’s manager, has addressed why Kai Havertz is starting more games than Romelu Lukaku.

Tuchel believes the German attacker provides special talents to the club.

Havertz has started four of Chelsea’s previous five games, while Lukaku has started only two.

Havertz scored twice in a 4-0 win against Burnley last weekend, while Lukaku did not play.

Tuchel said: “Of course [it’s hard to leave out Havertz]. He gives a lot of intensity and he’s involved in goals.

“We played the last cup match without him, Timo Werner was very strong and was very close to starting. Romelu got his goal and we will need everybody. But at this moment, [Havertz is] in really good shape.

“He covers a lot of metres in high intensity, so he finds the intensity no matter what the system the opponent defends against us, he finds intensive runs, he finds distances.

“He loves to create overloads and half spaces and this is what he gives. It’s just his style of play, his characteristic as a player. He’s in good shape, he’s confident.”

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