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Man Seeks Forgiveness After Destroying A Lady He Proposed To’s Life And Marriage.

A Ghanaian guy dying of remorse has turned to social media to share a rare story about how he went to such efforts to curse a lady who refused his proposal.

He recounted his ordeal on the popular Facebook forum page ‘Tell It All,’ stating that he mustered the bravery to express his interest in the woman, but she declined because she was already in a relationship.

The lady’s rejection hurt him so much that he decided to exact his vengeance by taking her and the boyfriend to a shrine and destroying their lives –

a move that eventually failed “because to how prayerful the wasple] was at the time.”

That didn’t stop him from trying again and again until the lady’s relationship with her boyfriend fell apart.

The young man expresses regret for his conduct and seeks advice on how to make things right with the lady.

Read his confession in full below.

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