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Shatta Wale’s Mom Break Silence On The Claims That She Wants Hype.

News reaching ghnewsfile from TV3 News, Shatta Wale’s mom finally speaks up on the claims that she just wants hype.

Shatta Wale’s mother has returned to implore Ghanaians to dismiss rumor and whatever her son says. Shatta Mama continues to beg Ghanaians to assist her because she is starving on the streets. While her son, Shatta Wale, travels the world aboard a private jet.

Shatta Mama is heard pleading for help in a new audio clip after her kid abandons her. Shatta Wale’s mother had already spoken out to HotFM about her son’s mistreatment. Shatta Wale’s landlady evicted her from her residence because she refused to pay her rent.

Shatta Mama describes the hardships she suffered as a result of her son’s recent behavior in this new tape that is circulating on social media.

“I am the one who gave birth to Shatta.” I gave birth to him at the Police Hospital and through a great deal of pain. I went into labor after thirteen months and nine days. My hospital bills were paid. I paid for his circumcision. I was the sole caregiver for my child until he was old enough to care for himself. When he was Bandana, I was his go-to guy. When he couldn’t compose music for nearly ten years, I was still there for him. It was entirely my fault. This child is the result of my stomach. I took care of him so that he could become Shatta Wale. Shatta Wale, who promised to do anything for me, didn’t even take me to Kaneshie.

“I am really hungry, Ghanaians. I’m starving. Stop claiming that this is all a sham. What’s the big deal? What hype do I need at my age? I’ve been keeping things from you for a long time. I simply haven’t been speaking. Everything has gone wrong for me. I’m telling you the truth. Should I go back to sleeping on the streets at my age? Sleeping on buses? I used to sleep in buses with him, and if things are better now, shouldn’t he look after me?

Shatta Mama also warned her son not to force her into speaking negatively about his life. She alluded to her role as his mother and the ramifications of such statements.”

“Ghanaians, preachers, dignitaries, everyone who wants to aid me should do so because I am in pain.” Please assist me in warning Shatta. I’ve remained silent during everything he’s done. But this time I’m going to speak up. I’m going to say everything. Take a look at what Shatta is doing to his mum. If he has witnessed someone doing what he is doing to me since he arrived on Earth, he should continue. However, if this is not the case, the elders should counsel him on his actions. He shouldn’t make me speak.”

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