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Shatta Wale Breaks Silence On Critics Alleging He’s Snubbing His Mom – Video

Shatta Wale has finally spoken out about his mother’s claims of homelessness, and the only answer he could muster was to trash critics who called him out.

Shatta Mama, Madam Elsie Avemegah, said about a week ago that she had been evicted from the East Legon apartment Shatta Wale claimed to have purchased for her six years ago.

Her lease has been terminated for more than two weeks, and all efforts to persuade her son to extend her lease have been useless, she claimed during an interview on Hot FM, an Accra-based radio station.

In response to the criticism, Shatta Wale encouraged his opponents to mind their own business rather than intruding in his personal life in a live Facebook video.

Nobody should dare to teach Shatta, who is now on a music tour in the United States, how to deal with his mother’s condition or how to love her.

“Sometimes Ghanaians just want to tarnish your image. Ghana is already a foolish country, don’t make it any worse. If anybody fools he or she will be beaten. I have made it already, think about yourself. Some of you are telling me to go and rent for my mother, settle your family matters before you talk about mine. Don’t even talk shit about me because the moment you do, I won’t forgive you. I’m a gangster, I’m a crazy dude. If anyone tries to worry me, I’ll enter your anus like an ant. You are all fools.

“Shoutout to anyone supporting my hustle. To those who aren’t, your mothers! Think twice before talking about my mother. If you love your mother, just do that. Don’t come and teach me how to love my mother. Stop talking about me and focus on the village you’re living in. It’s not everything I can talk about on social media,” he asserted.

Check out the video below.

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