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This Is Unfair! Nurse Tells Boyfriend Who Sent Her To The UK To Further Her Education, He’s Not Her Class.

Ladies have recently made it difficult for men to make sacrifices for them. Imagine spending a lot of money on a lady in the hopes that she will marry you eventually, only to have her cheat on you.

Before you invest significant sums of money in a lady, as I’ll always advise, you must first marry her to heart tale.

Consider donating your money to a woman you haven’t married. He’s a jerk, and he’ll learn his lesson.

A Nigerian guy residing in the United Kingdom was given “breakfast” after a nurse who raised funds for her to fly outside of Nigeria said she no longer finds him appealing.

So this my UK friend was supporting his NG nurse girlfriend’s move to the UK, even giving her money for IELTS and CBT exams totaling nearly a million naira, just to support her dreams of moving to the UK, only for the girl to return home and tell my guy that she no longer finds him attractive and that she needs some distance because her emphasis is now her career. She couldn’t even supply him with a cup of water or anything to eat after driving nearly 4 hours to her house. Man has been brokenhearted since that time.

If you were in his shoes what would you do?? Drop comments below…

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