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“In my dream, I witnessed the goal I scored against Monaco” – Alexander Djiku

Racing returned to winning ways in Ligue 1 after three frustrating draws in a row, winning 1-0 against Monaco in front of a large Meinau crowd.

The Strasbourg players capitalized on their team’s strengths at the time, which included a defense that conceded almost no opportunities, a recurring danger on set pieces, and a keen feel of the collective. This success solidifies their position at the top of the standings. They lead 6th-place Lille by four points.

Alexander Djiku, defender and scorer: “To be honest, I saw this goal in my dreams, and it is now a reality. It’s excellent since it ensures the team’s triumph. Anecdote: In training yesterday (Saturday) with MLS (Mathieu Le Scornet, the assistant coach), he threw me two or three tiny balls to relive the incident in Reims where I took the ball back from the knee.”

“There I put two-three volleys, and when I scored, I told him it was because of him,” he added.

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