Juventus star, Chiellini gives Ronaldo, Messi, Pogba new names

Juventus captain Giorgio Chiellini has given new names to Lionel Messi of Paris Saint-Germain and Cristiano Ronaldo and Paul Pogba of Manchester United.

Chiellini branded Messi and Ronaldo as ‘aliens’, while he labelled Pogba as ‘LeBron James of football.’

“Cristiano [Ronaldo] and [Lionel] Messi are aliens,” Chiellini told The Times.

“I was lucky enough to play with Cristiano at Juventus for three years and seeing him day by day, you understand some of his secrets.

“He works every day to achieve his goals and finds new goals all the time. In the big moments, when you need him, he’s there.

The Italian added: “Pogba is the LeBron James of football. Really, when I see him growing up it is fantastic.”

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