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The e-levy is a complete waste of money — Ghanaians turn on the Chief of Staff for funding Afia Schwar’s father’s burial with 50,000ghc.

Ghanaians are angry at Madam Frema Opare, the Chief of Staff, for giving GH50,000 and flying in the coffin used to bury Afia Schwarzenegger’s father.
In a series of Instagram images, Afia Schwarzenegger thanked important benefactors who assisted with her father’s funeral. Afia hails the President’s Chief of Staff in one video for her tremendous cash and in-kind donations.

“A good mother who takes care of her children.” All-powerful mother. What would I have done if I had not met you on this planet? The enemy would have ripped me to shreds by now. I thank you, Frema Opare, my mother. If it weren’t for you, how would my father’s coffin have arrived in Ghana? You are blessed by God. A woman gave me GH50,000.

“You stated, Afia, use this for funeral preparations. May God grant you a long life. Everyone says that God would bless me for what I did to my father. I split the blessing in half and add my part to yours. In the video, Afia is heard saying, “May God bless your children.”

This revelation has sparked widespread outrage, with many accusing government officials of squandering state funds.

Most Ghanaians identify the vexing e-levy with inappropriate use of public monies by a government official.

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