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Afia Schwarzenegger busted Over Claim She Bought A Cow – Audio

Afia Schwarzenegger’s new audio has exposed her big lie that she never bought a cow for her father’s funeral.

Afia released an audio of herself chatting with a certain Baba Sule in an attempt to silence haters who were trolling her for lying about buying a cow.

Baba Sule is said to have taken her and Brother Sammy to the cattle ranch to purchase a cow.

Afia slipped up and mentioned she actually bought a goat while chatting with Baba Sule in their staged attempt to deceive the public!

She was about to ask Baba Sule where he kept the goat they had purchased when she realized she had forgotten to say cow!

Right there, the charade was exposed.

Many people have questioned whether Afia actually purchased a cow for the funeral.

She did post a video of herself and Bro Sammy on their way to buy the cow, but we never saw them do so.

Then, after a food shortage hit the funeral, Nana Tonardo boldly stated that she had never purchased a cow.

In this audio, Afia appears to be admitting the truth, though she would call it a slip of the tongue.

It was a Freudian slip – when your subconscious exposes you even though your conscious mind wants you to lie!

Listen to the hilarious audio player below…

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