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“If you want to destroy my career you could die, if you don’t mind their business” Shatta Wale Warns Media Outlets.

In an angry response to the media for constantly interviewing his mother and failing to investigate the truth behind her allegations, the dancehall artiste threatened to “read Psalm 35” on all “media personnel interviewing” his mother.

He went on to say that people should be careful what they say about him because he is “scary,” “demonic,” and a “spirit.”

“I’m terrified. I’m a demon. Although I am a spirit, I am not God. Nobody in Ghana has what God has given me, which allows me to listen to whatever they have to say… “I’m a gangster, but I don’t use my power on innocent people,” he explained.

Shatta was perplexed by his mother’s comments, which had been widely publicized, and asked, “How can’t I rent for my mother, someone who freely gives and owns properties?”

Shatta Wale has threatened anyone attempting to derail his career that they “could die” if they do not mind their own business.

“It appears that you are intent on disgracing me rather than discovering the truth.” If you set out to sully my reputation, God will burn your family and someone in your family will die. You will not be successful… “You will die a painful death before you end my career,” he said.

Madam Elsie Evelyn Avemegah, Shatta Wale’s mother, has been speaking to the media on a regular basis in recent weeks.

His son, she claims, has abandoned her because he has not paid his rent. As a result, she has begged Ghanaians to come to her aid.

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