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Another Possible Raise In Lorry Fare By Monday – GPRTU

Only three weeks after a 15% increase in transportation fares, road transport operators have warned of another increase beginning Monday, March 21 if fuel prices are not reduced.

Abbas Ibrahim Moro, the Industrial Relations Officer of the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU), who issued the warning, explained that “by Monday if fuel prices are not reduced, we shall come out with new transport fares within the week.”

“We’re in the commercial business… Nobody buys something for GH3 and then sells it for GH2, which is why people travel to China for business. “We gave ourselves this week, and you [Ghanaians] will hear from us next,” Alhaji Moro told 3FM.

“It comes with the other components,” he added. We need to sit down and look at other components before releasing the fares.”

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